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Project Management

Need help filling in the holes? 

At Revenue Generation, we stand in filling the gap and assist with all commercial disciplines. We help your business during times when you do not have qualified staff available or when you do not have the time to manage a specific process appropriately.

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How Does Project Management Work?

Revenue Generation offers project management to hotels on a long-term or short-term basis.  We draw on our experience with both brand and independent hotels to come up with a solution that fits your specific needs. At RG, we also work with your team to provide proper training and guidance to get your hotel back on track. 

We provide project management services in the following areas:

            Revenue Management & Commercial Strategy

Digital Strategy

Distribution Services

Brand Optimization

Remote Sales Solutions

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Revenue Management & Commercial Strategy

RG provides revenue management services to streamline your operations and strategies. Our goal is to ensure your hotel/portfolio is performing at a very high level.  Our team is equipped and ready to provide leadership and guidance that will ultimately increase revenues and profits for your hotel. 

Digital Strategy

Our team will work with you to build a complete digital strategy to ensure your hotel's visibility is increased and optimized in all targeted areas. Using organic and paid media strategies our digital marketing services will drive more hotel bookings, improve website performance, grow brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Our Digital Marketing services include:

Website Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media Marketing 

Paid Marketing (i.e. Expedia, Google, and Social)

Email Marketing 

Custom Design

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Distribution Services

In a world of multi-channel distribution opportunities, it becomes necessary to have a strong plan to build revenues and drive brand awareness. Revenue Generation, utilizes customer data insights to understand behaviours and sentiment. With this powerful data we can customize content, offerings, and  channel pricing to attract the right customer and loyalty. Areas of focus include:

Gather loyal subscribers on platforms they are most comfortable with including social channels.

Target interested subscribers with compelling offers, prices and events.

Build strategies on managing customer feedback and reviews.

Content and imagery optimization focused on messaging and relevancy.

OTA price positioning and management.

Brand Optimization

RG takes the time to understand the unique attributes and objectives of your property and uses its brand expertise and key contacts with major brands to ensure your hotel is performing at its peak. We understand the needs of the individual hotel and those of the brands and work to ensure they are in sync. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of your hotel and can include coaching and training, system audits, and strategy sessions with the executive team.

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Remote Sales Solutions

We provide a turn-key virtual sales team with a customized approach based on your needs to actively pursue opportunities across all verticals. This innovative and agile approach to sales allows you to compete like a full-service property without having to spend like a full-service property.

Ready to fill in the gap and drive strong financial results?

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