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Business Intelligence & Insights

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How Does Business Intelligence Work?

In today’s environment, hotels have access to more data than they can handle. It comes indifferent forms from multiple sources, making comparison impossible. Additionally, it can be biased and difficult interpret. And who has the time to sort through it all? With RG, you have a trusted partner to help you find the right solution for your needs.

At RG, we create business intelligence tools to make sense of the data for you. By building customized tools, including dashboards and data visualizations, we make sense of the data for you. We take the time to understand your specific needs and goals so that our tools provide the relevant information you need to make robust decisions.

We will train your associates on how to utilize these tools and interpret the information. And because we know that situations are constantly evolving, we will continue to modify and update the tools as things change.

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Some of the Customized Tools Include:

KPI dashboards for easy performance measurement

Marketing metrics to compare agency and campaign performance

Pace and market segment analysis

Revenue strategy tools 

Custom-built strategic forecast models 

Forecast -Budget-Actual comparisons

Portfolio comparison and analysis dashboard

Individual property dashboards

Ready to Dramatically Improve
Your Financial Results?

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